About Us

Welcome to Flat Bottom Fishing Charters, where the thrill of catching big fish is always in season! Whether you’re a novice or an expert angler looking for an exciting adventure on the water, we’ve got you covered. We specialize in inshore fishing charters for large snook and tarpon with half-day and full-day charters available for up to four people.

Boat on water with man on it

What do I need?

All necessary bait and tackle are supplied, so that your focus can be on reeling in the catch of your dreams! By targeting structure near live bait, you can expect to find jack crevalle, barracuda, sharks, snook and – if you’re lucky – Florida’s legendary silver king: tarpon! Our charters are family-friendly and perfect for all experience levels. Come join us as we explore the waters off southwest Florida – let’s go fishing!

When will the charter start?

Are you ready for a day of exploration and adventure on the sea? Our expert captain can guide you to find the perfect time and tide to set sail, or if you know when you’re available, we’ll make sure your trip fits into your schedule.

Woman holding a fish in the dark on an all day inshore fishing charter
Man holding a large fish on an inshore fishing charter

Where will we board the boat?

From North Miami to Fort Lauderdale, join us for an unforgettable fishing experience! Night charters are often seen as more productive, but daytime options are also accessible.

We will meet at one of several public boat ramps where there is parking, restroom facilities and any other essentials can be taken care of before departure.