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Dec 22nd 2023 Inshore Fishing Report

Night Fishing Tarpon Miami

Fort Lauderdale / Miami Inshore Fishing Report. Winds this week from 15-30mph not much rain and great cloud cover. Temps dropping to 60s at night. Night fishing for tarpon.

As the cooler temps roll in so do the big tarpon. This week we’ve moved a bit south to the north Miami area in search of large schools of hungry tarpon. Finding them around bridges, inlets and deep water basins in the ICW. Fishing with a mix of live Mullet and Live Shrimp has been doing the trick. Fishing a few baits on bottom and a few up on top, spreading out and taking a slow approach to these large schools of fish pays off this week. Had a few great clients out on the boat and the weather cooperated as well. Most bites were right around sunset and into the early evening as the wind died down and the tides picked up. Get out there with the largest size shrimp you can find a catch a few smaller sized mullet and you will be in the running for a few of these 70-100lb tarpon.

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