Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?

Bring along anything you want to eat or drink, I always have cold waters on the boat, try to avoid wearing sandals as fighting these big fish in flip flops can be pretty tough, If booking a daytime trip definitely wear sunscreen (best applied 30 mins before getting on the boat) I supply everything else we need to get out there (rods, reels, bait and tackle) If you have some gear that you want to fish just let me know before you come down as rod storage is limited.

Is this a Catch and Release Charter?

Yes! I specialize in Tarpon and snook fishing. Tarpon are a protected species in the US and are strictly catch and release. Snook can be harvested but NOT with a for hire captain or crew.

What happens if it rains?

Here in Florida its not if but WHEN it rains and unless the wind is blowing or there’s lightning, both very dangerous for boats, we can still get out there, with that being said some of the LARGEST fish I’ve ever brought to the boat happened at night in the rain

Do you guarantee we catch fish?

I guarantee to pick you up, and get you back to the dock safely. There’s no guarantees in fishing but what I can promise is a memorable experience for you, your friends and family. That being said it’s very rare not to see a few big fish each trip.

Do I need to worry about getting seasick?

For the most part no, I mainly fish the protected waters of the intercostal and we don’t see much waves or choppy water, if you are prone to getting seasick try taking the all natural dramamine 1 hour before getting on the boat.

Is this trip good for kids or first time anglers?

Yes absolutely! I enjoy taking time teaching kids how to fish, explaining why we do things a certain way, showing them how to to tie a knot or how to hook a bait. Families that fish together stay together. I recommend a daytime trip if you are bringing along children or are just starting out fishing and want to learn a bit more before getting into 100lb+ fish.

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